Royal Watchers Offer Advice For New Parents Will and Kate
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Royal watchers in Toronto say they are thrilled by news the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are now parents to a baby boy. They offer words of advice to Prince William and Kate.


Canadian officials and royal-watchers are offering their congratulations to the Royal Family on the birth of its newest member.Prime Minister Stephen Harper sent good wishes shortly after Clarence House officially announced that the Duchess of Cambridge had delivered a son.He says the arrival of ``a future sovereign of Canada'' is a ``highly anticipated moment for Canadians given the special and warm relationship that we share with our Royal Family.''Gov.-Gen. David Johnston Johston also congratulated Prince William and his wife Kate, saying that as a father of five, he knows well ``the elation that a new arrival brings to a young family.''Anticipation surrounding the royal baby had been building in recent days and a spokesman for the Monarchist League says it's a relief that both mother and son are healthy.Cian Horrobin says the wait for the heir has been ``a roller-coaster'' and today's announcement marks the beginning of Canada's relationship with its likely future ruler.He says the excitement leading up to the birth was more subdued than it was for the Prince William and Kate's wedding, but now that the prince is here, ``people are going nuts about it.''Carolyn Harris, an expert on royal history at the University of Toronto, said the lack of a clear due date has kept royal-watchers from planning any elaborate celebrations as they did for the royal wedding.``It's impossible to plan a party in advance for the day the baby arrives because there's been so much uncertainty about the due date and the royal baby's arrival,'' she said.``With the wedding, there was a clear date that this was taking place for all those who were interested to pay attention to.''