Romney: 'I'm Not Getting Rid of ALL of Health Care Reform'
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Mitt Romney clarifies his health care stance on "Meet the Press." He says he would keep parts of President Obama's health care reform.


(Image Source: Wikimedia Commons )   BY DANNY MATTESON   The debate over health care between President Barack Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney got a little bit cloudier today as Mr. Romney made new comments about Obamacare. Here’s what he had to say on Meet the Press.     “I say we’re going to replace Obamacare and I’m replacing it with my own plan. I’m not getting rid of all of health care reform, of course, there are a number of things that I like in health care reform that I’m going to put in place.”    So which parts of the plan does Mr. Romney plan to hold onto? In the interview he said: making sure those with preexisting conditions can get coverage, assuring the marketplace allows individuals to have policies to cover their family up to whatever age they like, and allowing individuals to buy insurance on their own rather than just through their employer.   According to the New York Times Mr. Romney’s comments mark a new position on the issue. The Times points out...   “Throughout the presidential campaign, Mr. Romney said he would seek to halt the law. In his latest comments, which were recorded Saturday, he said he would ‘replace Obamacare.’”   Talking Points Memo thinks that new position, to hold on to some of the more popular parts of Obamacare, is a bold move — though it does have its risks.   “Politically, the pivot risks drawing the ire of conservatives, who have been adamant that Republicans repeal the law in its entirety if elected. It’s a major gamble that could reflect Romney’s need to win over more independent voters, who support those provisions.” And former Democratic Presidential Candidate Howard Dean agrees — but thinks Mr. Romney’s gamble is a bad one. He told MSNBC...   “That is not a good thing to say. you want to reassure the American people but with him it’s going to look like backtracking.” Finally, pointing to Mr. Romney’s history with health care on the state level, The Daily Beast argues that Mr. Romney’s new stance should not come as a shock.   “It’s not a completely surprising flip-flop, of course—Romney passed legislation that’s been called virtually identical to the ACA on the state level while he was governor of Massachusetts.”