Rocketboom's Host Molly on Their Live YouTube Show
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Last week, as part of pilot of limited live programs, Rocketboom produced three, one hour shows. While viewership for these and the other shows were limited, interactivity and comments for the Rocketboom shows were very high, says founder Andrew Baron. One of the RB shows had 7800 comments, Baron tells me. He also says that YouTube's system for counting live streams was not working properly, so it was impossible to have an accurate number. But, overall, the YouTube system "seemed sound".


Rocketboom's Host Molly on Their Live YouTube Show Molly: I think if you can make something that you feel is valuable then there's a very good chance that other people will find that content valuable. And especially if you have very high standards for yourself and I think in Rocketboom, we adhere to making the content that we think is great. And as long as we’re putting out things that we think are great, someone is going to leash onto that and enjoy it as well. I come from like a very—internet video background. I was just a video blog up before I came on to be a host at Rocketboom and that really helped me. I sit up straight. I can talk to the camera. I'm comfortable being professional. But what I wasn’t very comfortable with when I started was the fight that someone else is going to take the footage and edit it and I wasn’t going to have full control over what people soar online. So, the live aspect of this new project takes that even further away. I can't control. I can't take it back once it’s out there. I really just have to be on my game at the front end. Interviewer: And how did it go? Molly: Yeah, I'm actually very proud. I think we have a great team over at Rocketboom and everybody was just helping each other out yesterday. And it was wonderful to see everybody come together and really care about this project and have such great segments and content and stuff like that. The Know Your Meme show last night, I stayed around. I didn’t have too, but I wanted to see what they did and be a part of it. Know Your Meme is maybe almost a popular show right now. I think its fantastic and it’s only getting better with all the new people that we've been adding to the writing team and we just got two new hosts this year and they’ll be doing a celebrity series this fall or winter I hear. And I'm quite excited about whether I could go. Last year, we did an episode with Al Yankovic and it was great. It was hilarious. There are a lot of opportunities that allow us to be brought.