Rob Zombie on His Film Career
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Rob Zombie discusses his film career, the Halloween movies, and how he finds it funny when people are scared by his films.


Stephanie Ng Wan: Hi my name is Stephanie and welcome to Today, we’re speaking to Rob Zombie about his involvement in the Halloween franchise as well as other film projects. Your music and your films often contains scary or violent images, since you're often inspired by horror, were you afraid of these one when you were younger? Rob Zombie: Not really, I mean when I was kid I just loved all that stuff. I think the only movie I actually find it scary was Jaws. It was the one thing that I could actually relate to because it's a supernatural things, that I don’t believe in it. I do believe sharks are in the water that ruined my summer as a child. Stephanie Ng Wan: So if you don’t believe in the supernatural or the paranormal then why do you seem so fascinated by it? Rob Zombie: Well, I find it interesting , I mean it's good fictional material and I love it but I don’t believe in any of it. I find it hilarious to watch other people be scared by it. Stephanie Ng Wan: So House of a Thousand Corpse, this was you directorial debut and it wasn’t that highly favored by critics, but it has a huge occult followings, as its sequel the Devil’s Rejects, I was wondering does the critical reception of your films encourage or discourage you or do you not care about the reaction? Rob Zombie: If I was just new at making movies and had never done music, maybe it would really affect me, but I've gone through this for the last 25 years. I mean people don’t remember, because nobody was thinking about it, but none of the White Zombie records, the people are like oh my god that’s my favorite record, got good reviews, and still they sold millions and millions of copies. Now, if you listen to their opinion, I mean you can't live by critics, but now it's any jackoff with a – website or critic, who gives a shit? Stephanie Ng Wan: So when you remade Halloween, I was wondering have you ever felt intimidated by the fact that it was such a classic horror movie? Rob Zombie: No, the reason I didn’t, was if only John Carpenter’s Halloween existed, that would be different. But the fact that there were seven shitty sequels that followed it, I truthfully thought, by the last one, that the movie was so far in the gutter that it needed to be saved. Not until our move had Michael Mars even looked good or scary or anything, he just looked like some little guy with shoulder pads and a cheap looking mask. Stephanie Ng Wan: I know that your friend of John Carpenter, so I was wondering what does he think of your version of this one. Rob Zombie: I don’t know, I talked to him before I made the movie, but I never talked to him afterwards, because I figured that the last thing John Carpenter ever wants to talk about is Halloween, why would he? I never asked anyone their opinion, because I don’t give a shit, you know, I think if you stand around waiting for people to give you their opinion, you know hope they say something good, you're going to have a long disappointing life. That’s why we just have to go through life knowing your right, and everyone can go—themselves. That’s my philosophy, it seems to work. Stephanie Ng Wan: For the Halloween the sequel. Rob Zombie: I mean in a nicest way possible. Stephanie Ng Wan: For the sequel Halloween 2, you said that you didn’t feel bound to retain in any John Carpenter niche this time around, so I was wondering how did you make this movie your own? Rob Zombie: Well, nothing in the movie relates to anything that’s come before, you know the first Halloween that I did, since it was technically a remake, I thought okay, well, we have to keep some elements of things that John did. Even though if I could go back in time, I probably wouldn’t do that now, that’s why I was excited about the second, because I was like—I'm not—I don’t care, I'm just going to do whatever I want all the way through it, and that’s why I like the movie so much, because it doesn’t have to adhere to these nonsense rules about what Halloween movie can or cannot be. I'm making the rules now, I can do whatever I want. Stephanie Ng Wan: I've heard that you're working on a couple of new film projects and namely, Tyrannosaurus Rex and maybe a remake of the Blob? Can you tell me more about this? Rob Zombie: Yeah, I'm not sure what's next, I mean the Blob was one thing that came up, that came to me as a possible film to do, I don’t know if I'm going to do that or not. And Tyrannosaurus Rex is another movie that I wrote, that I really want to do. But a movie is sort of like a giant boulder that doesn’t move and suddenly it moved and then it goes just spiraling out of control and that’s kind of where we’re still in the pushing the boulder phase, to get it try it to move. Stephanie Ng Wan: Thank you so much for your time. Rob Zombie: Sure, no problem.