Risks of Not Exercising During Pregnancy
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Learn about the risks of not exercising during pregnancy


Melanie Raposo: Hi! Everybody I am Melanie Raposo and welcome to the Pregnancy Show today Andrea Page personal trainer and founder of Fit Mom Canada talks about the negatives effects pregnancy can have on a woman who isn't physically active. Andrea Page: We only can begin the fit mom to be fitness exercise program at anytime during her pregnancy we do give modifications so that women can gradually increase the intensity as needed and as able and depending on the stage of her pregnancy and what we call is relative contraindication so a complication that is present but doesn't mean she has to stop exercising. Again it's quite a falsie that women cant do more intense forms of exercise no I am not saying a women should all of a sudden start training for marathon during pregnancy having said that a women who is running marathons can continue running if there is no complications a women who has not been exercising definitely should start doing some strength training during pregnancy because she no wonder the women who has already been exercising prior is going to be more likely to have those pregnancy complications in the third trimester particularly the muscular imbalance. So with our strength training all that's going to happen is her muscular is going to spiral downwards or cardiovascular endurance is going to spiral downwards and in her third trimester of pregnancy she is going to be that woman who is having hard time walking, heavy breathing walking up the stairs feeling completely uncomfortable and feeling like pregnancy is an illness which it is not of course.