Reuniting Children with Their Lost Toys
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The story of one organization trying to find childrens' lost toys. We meet the founder and also a little boy desperately seeking his lost bear.


Sam Norman: Well we have friend's reunited work, reunited and now we have toy reunited a new website ahead's to put store children back in touch with their long lost teddies Judy Lever from toys reunited and Carly Triska-Grove and her two year Old sons Ellis are here to tell us more hello? Judy Lever: Hello Sam Norman: All though this sounds fascinating what is toys reunited. Judy Lever: Well it's a way of actually reuniting children with their lost toys it came about because someone that work had found a toy and came into the office said look at this poor toy you know lost by some poor child must be very upset and I said what is funny she said that because I think toys matter a lot to children and my daughter when she was little lost a toy a panda that one bring with me. Sam Norman: Oh that's here. Judy Lever: And absolutely adored and he got lost in America we left him behind in the hotel and I was just telling the story of work and we decided that it mattered so much we realized how much it mattered that actually people else were I'm want to put so. Sam Norman: But you got found the bag you said you lost them in America. Judy Lever: Yes, we went to the airport at the airport as we have about to check in my daughter said I haven't got panda and we were oh no, so we rang the hotel and said you know do you have panda missed they said they did so I said oh great fantastic could you post it and my daughter is standing by near the front gate you cant post him we are not leaving I'm not leaving America without panda so I said well you know we have to go and the women of the other end of the phone I think its probably on an America story said honey I can hear your daughter is upset I'm coming rush hold there and she came she got into a car I told the airport people that she was rushing over with the panda and so they took us we to check in and held the plane and brought her through with the special escort with panda to take him to the plane , so we could get on the plane the panda and carry us today. Sam Norman: Did your daughter get feeling very special as a result of that. Judy Lever: I don't know you know what kids are with that's the way it should be you know panda was important panda should indeed get the lots treatment to the airport. Sam Norman: And you are still here to do that is good to see you. Ellis, Ellis what happen to your teddy. Did you lose your teddy? Ellis: I lost my teddy. Sam Norman: Oh, darling and you didn't get him back. Ellis: No Sam Norman: Oh! Poor love and wait, do you love your teddy? Ellis: yeah. Sam Norman: What happened Carly? Carly Triska-Grove: He lost him in London then you, your aunt Linda take you to London didn't she had a taxi and she took the teddy did she take him with you. Ellis: yeah. Carly Triska-Grove: She dropped him, she thought you wanted to have him with you and then you dropped him and then they went back -- that he wasn't there any more was he. Ellis: No Carly Triska-Grove: I don't know I think may be some other child may be found may some one found him we wanted to get him back any way. Sam Norman: May be Ellis you might want to get him back with this new website, yeah. Judy Lever: And that's what we are helping. Sam Norman: Hoe does it work? Judy Lever: Well how it works is that if some one is found a lost toy or someone's lost a toy you can post it on the website with the picture if got one and if not just a drawing or just the description and then anybody, who would find the toy can actually post it on the website with the link through and it can be reunited with phone. Sam Norman: Such a good idea, really as have you have much success. Judy Lever: We had one success, it has only bee going short time we had one success were somebody lost a lanky with the duck, duck lanky and in shop shire and there wasn't publicity in the shop shire local paper about toys reunited and that was on the website and someone found it and was reunited with the phone so we re really pleased about that. Sam Norman: Were you go Ellis? Judy Lever: We hope we'll find your teddy may be. Sam Norman: May be we will. Judy Lever: That would be nice with that. Sam Norman: Did it happen a long time ago sweet heart. Ellis: Yeah Carly Triska-Grove: Six weeks ago, that's the long time. Sam Norman: Pretty long time is a long time for a little one to remember it. Carly Triska-Grove: It is a long time. Sam Norman: What it was there was he was very traumatized? Carly Triska-Grove: He was really traumatized, that was the day I had my second son, so I was away from him whole day and by the time my husband got back to pick him he was beside himself a back big teddy was the worse possible day that was open up. Sam Norman: So, you lost a teddy and gained a baby for that it's a terrible thing to happen. Ellis: Yeah Sam Norman: Oh darling yeah, well I hope I hope you get it back all right so good luck Ellis. Carly Triska-Grove: Good bye thank you. Sam Norman: Thank you very much for coming in, thank you. Judy Lever: Thank you. Ellis: -- Sam Norman: You got to go home. Ellis: Yeah Sam Norman: Have it all right were it is really nice to meet you, thank you for coming on. Ellis: Will go to home. Sam Norman: She got to go home now sweet heart, its boring hanging around this studio. Ellis: Boring. Sam Norman: Yeah, very boring.