Researchers Test New 'Stretchy' Battery
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Researchers test a 'stretchy' battery.


Researchers test a 'stretchy' battery. A new kind of battery can be stretched to three times its normal size without losing any of its power. The battery was part of a study from the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign that used small circular energy storing cells embedded in a polymer that is conductive and flexible. The wires connecting each circle were looped closely together in an s-shape so that when the battery is stretched, the connections straighten out but do not bend or break. Researchers say that the battery can also be charged wirelessly, and may have a variety of uses once the technology undergoes further testing. Senior author of the study John Rogers said: “The most important applications will be those that involve devices integrated with the outside of the body, on the skin, for health, wellness and performance monitoring.” Scientists from Rutgers University are testing flexible semiconductors to create electronics like calculators, e-readers and other devices that are durable and flexible. Semiconductors are usually made out of hard metals such as silicon oxide or magnesium. The group of scientists has found that they can use organic materials that mimic the electron behavior of inorganic materials.