Replacing Parts on an Oven Door – Neff
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Learn how to remove and replace parts on an oven door, as well as how to remove the oven door. This oven maintenance video demonstrates removal and replacement of the oven door outer glass, oven door inner glass, door hinges and door handle, all available here We also use a professional oven cleaner and ceramic scraper to remove burnt on stains from the oven inner door glass.


Hi! I am Matt from eSpares and today I'll be working on the door of this Neff built-in oven. Safety first, always remember to disconnect the appliance from the mains before starting any work. Now you may need to remove the door for cleaning purposes or to replace parts such as the glass, the hinges or the handle at the front here. Let's start by removing the door for easy access. Now this particular Neff oven door is removed by simply flicking these holding catches over and lifting out. Other makes of ovens have different release mechanisms, some have a catch on the hinge that you need to turn, others require a pin or nail to be inserted through a hole in the hinge, which locks the mechanism and allows you to lift the door away from the oven, and there is your door released like so. Right, I am going to bring the door over here, so I've got more space to move. Now the door can be separated either for cleaning purposes or to replace any of the parts. This particular door has 6 screw heads on the back of the door here, and a further two underneath, there and there. Now these screws are Torx head screws, and for this job I'll be using this Torx head screw sets along with this electric screwdriver both available at the website. Let's start by unscrewing the screws. I have simply separated the two pieces of glass. Now pop that over there. As you can see these are the hinges inside the door, they are not attached to either part of the glass, they are simply sandwiched between the both pieces. Pop those to one side and there you are, the outer glass here and the inner glass here, both can be replaced. Right. Now, the door is separated, I am going to do two things. First of all, I am going to replace the handle. I have to separate the two pieces of the glass from the door because as you can see the handle screws are located on the inside the outer glass. Secondly, I am going to give you the whole thing a very good clean. To remove the handle, simply unscrew these screws and these strengthening pieces like so. Lift the glass away and the handle will simply fall off the front of the door. Right, now it's ready for a good clean, and for this I am going to be using this oven cleaner, non-caustic available at the website. Now it's clean, I'll replace the handle. Making sure, it all goes back on exactly how you took it off, simply screw it back on. To clean the inner glass of the main oven door, I am using this ceramic hob scraper, which as you can see removes this burnt-on grease very effectively. The main oven door hinges can be replaced of course, often if you find that your door doesn't close properly it's because the hinges have gone. Right, let's put the thing back together, get your inner-door like so. Now making sure that the hinge holes here locate with the hinges on the inside of the door. Let's move that one across, put it back on, like so, making sure that are around the door, it's completely fixed the two parts together. Right, now that it is all safely screwed together, let's put it back on the oven. To replace the door, simply do the reverse of removing the door, that's the door done. You can see me in another video showing you how to replace the Fan Oven Element within the oven itself. Remember, these parts and accessories are available on the website along with spares and accessories for over 500 brands of home appliances. Thanks for watching!