Rep. Jesse Jackson Treated For 'Mood Disorder'
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Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. is under intensive medical treatment for a "mood disorder," his office said in a brief statement Wednesday, more than a month after the Chicago Democrat quietly went on a medical leave of absence. (July 11)


CONGRESSMAN JESSE JACKSON JUNIOR IS SUFFERING FROM A "MOOD DISORDER"JACKSON'S DOCTOR HAS RELEASED A STATEMENT SAYING THE CHICAGO DEMOCRAT IS GETTING "INTENSIVE MEDICAL TREATMENT" AT A RESIDENTIAL FACILITY. THE CONGRESSMAN'S CRITICS...AND A FEW OF HIS COLLEAGUES...HAVE SPENT THE PAST WEEK CALLING ON HIM TO EXPLAIN HIS ABSENCE FROM CAPITOL HILL.BY WENDESDAY AFTERNOON... HIS CONSTIUENTS WERE BECOMING NOTICEABLY IMPATIENT AS THEY WAITED FOR ANSWERS...((Cherie Franklin SOT: "He's the congressman and I should know all about what's going on. And I'd like to know how to find out some answers."))((Delores Jackson SOT: "If you're not hiding come out wherever you are, give an interview, tell the truth and be done with it. Whatever the truth is tell the truth. It's much better.))((Radio DJ NATS: "Should Jesse Jr resign? Today I'm asking for his resignation...))HIS WHEREABOUTS...AND HIS FUTURE...HAVE BECOME TALK RADIO FODDER. ((Joyce/1570 AM Listener SOT: "He was elected by the people and for the people. I can understand if he has a medical problem, but we have a right to know that. He needs to work for his community instead of just getting the name, prestige and the power."))WHEN JACKSON FIRST TOOK LEAVE ON JUNE 10TH...HIS OFFICE SAID HE WAS BEING TREATED FOR EXHAUSTION.BUT LAST WEEK THE STAFF REVEALED THAT THE CONGRESSMAN WAS BATTLING EMOTIONAL PROBLEMS.JACKSON'S TEAM SAYS HE'S EXPECTED TO MAKE A FULL RECOVERY.