Remove Vinyl Floors in Your Home
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Learn how to remove vinyl floors in your home with this DIY home improvement tutorial, presented by expert contractor Mark Le Mon.


I’m Mark Le Mon Project Manager and you’re learning how to tile. Okay so we’re removing a vinyl floor and some of the tools that you might need are a floor scraper like this, hammer, and a flat bar with a nail puller. Start up by removing the trim, you should pull off pretty easily and then you’re going to peel the vinyl back up. Once you get the trim off, it should be fairly easy to pull it up the vinyl. You might have to help it along. Now we’re going to proceed in taking up the coat into the old vinyl floor that usually comes up pretty easy. Get the first piece and take it to the outside. Once you remove the coat, we’re going to proceed with the under lament and once we remove the underlayment, we’re down to the same floor. We’re removing the under lament that was underneath the vinyl flooring. This is a little more tedious job. You want to make sure that you be careful that you don’t get a nail in your knee. So go grab your flat bar and bang it out there with a little pull you try to take it up, these are large of pieces as possible because there’s going to be a lot of staples. Be sure to be careful as you go. As I said do knock down any staples that are sticking up. When you come to the edge, you’ll find more staples than you really want to deal with which is where I came to right now. It takes a lot of time but you’ll get there. Alright, I’ll get this up and then I’ll show you how to lay the under lament for tile. We’re done. I’m putting the under lament for the tiles so this is a standard cementious board. There are some other boards that are actually cement with the nylon mesh but this is a cement fiber board. It comes out in many different vendors. It’s hard, it is water imperious, and it holds back everything. So what I’m going to do now is I’m going to be adhering the cement board down to the sub-floor by using a standard staple gun compressor. If you don’t have a compressor staple gun, you can use ridge nails, rink shakes, it’s a lot harder, a little longer but I’ll show you how fast this can be.