Relia Dose Baby Medication Dispenser Review
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A spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down. And so does breast milk! With the ReliaDose you can give your infant medicine while hiding it within his or her beverage of choice. Safe and easy this baby product makes keeping your kid healthy easy.


Troy: One of the toughest things to do is give a baby medicine. They spit it back up, it taste terrible, and you're always worried that you're giving the baby the right dose. Well here I am with Bethany from Blaine Pharmaceuticals, and she has a product called the ReliaDose. Bethany: So ReliaDose is basically a bottle with a syringe in it. And how it works is you fill the inside with two ounces of milk, juice, water, formula, whatever the baby likes to drink. The syringe pops right out, load it with medication. It clicks into place. The unique thing about ReliaDose is it’s got a dual chamber nipples. So the milk or juice goes on the outside and the medication goes to the center chamber which fits right over the syringe. Click it into place. When the baby starts feeding, you slowly dose the medication and it’s surrounded by the milk or juice so it mask the taste of the medicine. And for some reason the baby doesn’t finish the bottle, the syringe pops right back out and you know exactly what they’ve received. So it ensures there's an accuracy as well. Troy: And dishwasher safe? Bethany: Dishwasher safe. Troy: Giddy up. That’s great. And this syringe right here, is the standard size syringe. If this wears out, you can get a new one. Bethany: Yes. Troy: Because sometimes they lose their suction. That’s really, really cool. Really, really great, well that definitely solves lot of the problems. And I'm really excited to try one of this. Thanks a lot. Bethany: Great, thank you.