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Louise Brady talks about relationships with expert Karinna in LA


Louise Brady: Tell us some of the success stories that you have had with couples and singles. Karinna: Sure, absolutely. Well, I’ve had a tremendous amount of success with people who have had a low in their chemistry, in their sexual chemistry, and I think everybody can relate to that where the romance has started to subside and how do they get it back, and so, again, moving towards the bedroom with intention not just getting under the covers and sayings, “Honey, do you want to do it tonight?” No, that’s not going to really inspire you to get motivated. It’s about coming prepared for a specific occasion to be intimate and I encourage couples to schedule lovemaking, schedule intimacy and some people were like, oh, that’s so boring. No, I’m not going to schedule my love life. But if we schedule that then all possibilities take place. Louise Brady: Wow! I did not expect you say that as a whole. That’s quite interesting. Karinna: Yes. Louise Brady: Now, how important is the physical sides of a relationship? Karinna: The physical side is important. It’s important to have chemistry, but we have to make sure that that is not the only thing that we are attracted to for a relationship because ultimately we’ll find that we’re bored. We’re bored mentally. We’re bored emotionally. We want to have great sex and you’ve got to have a great chemistry, but I want you to also go for having chemistry emotionally and mentally and spiritually as well. Louise Brady: If you are looking at the physical side on a percentage level, what proportions of the relationship do you think the physical side should take off? Karinna: Twenty five percent, so it’s important. I mean it’s important for couples over time to be having sex on a weekly basis because that keeps the cohesiveness of the sexual relationship strong. When you start to space it out over three weeks, a month, two months and you’re not having sex it’s harder to get excited about each other. It’s just like honestly, it’s just like exercise. Sometimes you don’t want to get up and go exercise but when you do you feel so much better. You feel so much more physically strong and that’s what happens in a sexual relationship. You go and you have your sex and you feel better afterwards and you feel more connected to your lover and that’s what it’s all about.