Red Flags in Language Development
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Are there other red flags in language development?


Host: Are there other Red Flags in language development? Rene Hackney: There are other Red Flags with early language development particularly, with articulation. We expect children by about two years old to be 50% understood by strangers, meaning, when you take a two year old to the grocery store and they say a few sentences to checkout lady, at least half the time she should understand what it is that child is saying. By three years old, we expect articulation to be understood about 75% of the time by strangers and more often then now strangers would understand what they are saying. Most speech language spokes so, won t start seeing children for articulation difficulties until at least two and a half to three years old. If you go earlier you are getting a baseline and getting some good homework likely. But, there are so many of those sounds that are developmental in nature, that don t tend to firm up until later years.