Red Carpet Beauty Secrets
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From last minute teeth whitening to emergency frizz control, celebs always need to be prepared for the red carpet. Beauty expert, Jeannine Morris, stopped by to share some of the beauty secrets that the celebs are using to look flawless.


Red Carpet Beauty Secrets Audra Lowe: Into emergency frizz controls, celebs always need to be prepared for that red carpet. So beauty expert Jeannine Morris recently stopped by to share some of the beauty secrets that the celebs are using to look flawless this award season. Good to have you here Jeannine. Jeannine: Thanks for having me. Audra Lowe: It is not that difficult to cut and mimic to what they are doing right? It is no big secret. Jeannine: Anybody can do it. Audra Lowe: So let’s start off first with the teeth because they always look so good on the white and red carpet. Jeannine: You need a white smile and you can get it with super smiles ointment system. J.Lo does it and so is Christen Belle and here we have the toothpaste that actually eliminates stains every single time you brush. Audra Lowe: Really, so do a lot of celebrities use this? Jeannine: Christen Belle prepared for the Globes by using it right before it and so did J.Lo for the Grammy’s. Audra Lowe: They are not expensive either. Jeannine: Now it is $36.00 Audra Lowe: So we like that too and the next one we are going to go to a balm and apparently a lot of makeup artist rate about this. Jeannine: They encourage celebrities to use it before an award ceremony. Because it helps to drain toxins, it decolorizes essential balm and a tip every single nominee for the Oscars is going to be getting in gift bags at all of the celebrity suites. Audra Lowe: Really, and some of the celebs I know that you mentioned are that are using this Carrie Underwood, Katie Homes and Anakin Drake also really like this also. Jeannine: They all swear by deep puffs their skin before they put on their makeup. Audra Lowe: Really? It could really good for those hot summer days too when they are out there on the red carpet as well. We are going to the mascara next, what is the big deal about this mascara? Why do the celebs use it, why it is a big deal? Jeannine: Such a big deal, Christina Hendrix is wearing from mad man at the Golden Globe’s because not only does it plump but it thickens and lengthens. So there is two big benefits about – Morris’ ultimate expression lash mascara. Audra Lowe: Is the one where the brushes slanted a little bit for a different type of an application? Jeannine: Which adds a little bit of curve as well so most mascaras do one thing. This one does three. Audra Lowe: Now this one here is for the hair and you can put it on your hair wet also right? Jeannine: This is Pantene Pro-V first control balm and what you do is you just put a little bit of dolip on to wet hair. And you can use it whether you’re air-drying your hair or blow-drying your hair. Heat styling and it just keeps freezes that bay and that what Katie Perry did this hair before the Grammy’s. Audra Lowe: She did and everybody love Katie Perry. Jeannine: Loves Katie Perry and her curls they were all smooth, very smooth curls and that is thanks to the Pantene. Audra Lowe: You don’t want the frizz out there on the red carpet. Last but not least this is a familiar product that you see in drug stores but it is all natural product too. Molly Sims uses this right? Jeannine: Molly Sims, her makeup artist Joanna Schlip uses this position formula brush Pronzer duo. And what I really like about it, it is all organics, so we are putting on your face but it is good for your skin. Audra Lowe: And are you suppose to put in certain spots though just where the sun would hit is that the correct way? Jeannine: With Pronzer, you will always want to put it where the sun is going to hits. From the top of your cheek bones, a little bit on your nose and your forehead. And then the brush, the brush just added up pop a color onto your cheeks. Audra Lowe: Good to know and there is a dress hanging back here, nobody is getting married today though. Is this a kind of knock off with someone else’s dress or? Jeannine: No, Kate Hudson actually wore a dress very similar by Marquees to the Golden Globe’s. This is from, $200.00 it is exactly the same thing. Audra Lowe: I don’t even want to ask how much her dress cost versus 200. Jeannine: About $6,000.00 Audra Lowe: What? Jeannine: $200.00 Audra Lowe: Kate Hudson Golden Globe Dress, you can wear it too. We can always less for $200.00 thank you so much Jeannine good to have you here. Jeannine: Thanks for having me.