Recovering from Postpartum Depression - Michelle Lacy's Story
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Michelle Lacy explains at what point a woman feels like herself again after suffering from Postpartum Depression.


Recovering from Postpartum Depression - Michelle Lacy's Story Yes, with the right kind of care. With the care from a qualified professional that understands perinatal mood disorders, that understands what it’s like for a postpartum woman, but also how to treat them appropriately. There’s a ton of research out there as to what types of treatment therapy-wise is most effective for a postpartum woman. Cognitive behavioral therapy, interpersonal therapy, there’s also a lot of information out there for women who need medication, that the proper intervention for that. Sometimes misinformation is given and it’s because they don’t know. So a qualified individual who understands and knows postpartum mood disorders and yes, you can feel like yourself again – absolutely.