Recommended Fishing Gear to Catch Tuna
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This Sport Fishing video from Dan Hernandez shows you the fishing gear recommended for catching those heavy fish off the coast of San Diego.


Dan Hernandez: This week in the Tackle Box, I want to talk to you a little bit about what we are doing today by the Dolphin II. I tell you, we got really like it's a late season trip in the fall but did we time it right. Skipper did a great job and the fish are holding close to the beach we don't have travel very far. It's just a phenomenal fishing today for both tuna, albacore, there is some dorado mixed in, we even see some yellow tail. It's just an awesome day to be out in the water and for this type of fishing what you want to use is a rod like this. Dan Hernandez signature rod made by Shakespeare rated for 30 pound test line; it's just perfect for this type of fishing. Now, we also have a Penn Reel here this is a Torque 200 have it filled with 30 pound test line. You can use the heavier line to getting this bigger tuna but 30 pound is just a perfect area to be when the fish are of this size that we are catching. Now, as far as hooks lot other fish today are being caught on live bait and lots of our viewers ask me how do I take my hooks out on the boat. We see the different size of boxes I use and I like to have a big selection of hooks in a tray like this. This is the way I keep them in my tackle box and as you can see I like red hooks. I use red a lot and these are all different size hooks. These particular hooks are by Eagle Claw and just different sizes. Whatever, situation I am in I have a different size hook for that. I also have some circle hooks in case I need them and then I have the basic sinkers that I need for this type of fishing. These large hooks that you see here for trolling for the albacore feathers but we just have everything I need right here in one simple box. Now, the other way that we used to catch fish other than the live bait is with Magic Metal Jig. This is a great bait to use when the fish are down deeper. You want to drop down pass them and work it right back through the fish or you can also work this on the slide. That's particular how I like to use it. On the slide, what we are doing is once a fish hit the jig lines and the guys bring them close to boat. You cast this out to side of the boat, pass those fish and then you just winded in really fast and tuna come up. They just love it, the Bluefin love it, the albacore hit it, it's a great jig to use. These are the Magic Metal Jigs; you can find them at your tackle store, at the or on our website. This is all you need for local fishing; it's just an awesome trip today. So, let's back on the water and show you more exciting action right here on Sport Fishing.