Reclusive Sect Accused of Locking Children Away
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A reclusive sect in the Russian province of Tatarstan kept 27 children in dark and unheated cells, many of them for more than a decade, prosecutors say. The children have been freed and the parents charged with child abuse. (Aug. 8)


[Notes:Aug. 8, 2012][Notes:RU-RTR][Notes:No Access Russia][Notes:Kazan, Russia]**SHOT IN 4:3 FORMAT**A RECLUSIVE SECT IN RUSSIA ... IS ACCUSED OF KEEPING 27 CHILDREN IN DARK, UNHEATED CELLS ... MANY OF THEM FOR MORE THAN A DECADE ... PROSECUTORS SAY SOME OF THE CHILDREN ... BETWEEN 1 AND 17 YEARS OF AGE ... HAVE NEVER SEEN DAYLIGHT.THE SECT'S 83-YEAR-OLD FOUNDER ... WHO DECLARES HIMSELF A MUSLIM PROPHET ... IS BEING CHARGED WITH NEGLIGENCE.[Notes:NATS UP Russian]THIS SECT MEMBER SAYS THE AUTHORITIES DECIDED TO FIGHT AGAINST ALLAH ... THEY WILL NOT DEFEAT ALLAH.[Notes:NATS UP Russian]THE PROSECUTOR SAYS The room is a cell without natural light or ventilation, in the basement dug out under the building. According to the Agency for Control of Public Facilities, there are eight levels of rooms, where not only children but adults live as well.THE CHILDREN HAVE BEEN FREED.[Notes:NATS UP Russian]THIS DOCTOR SAYS Their state is satisfactory, all the children had been fed, but they were dirty ...SOME 70 FOLLOWERS LIVED IN CELLS THEY DUG UNDERNEATH THE THREE STORY BUILDING ... TOPPED BY A SMALL MINARET WITH A CRESCENT MOON.LEE POWELL, THE ASSOCIATED PRESS(****END****) ANCHOR VOICE: -------------------------VIDEO PRODUCER: ---------------------------VIDEO SOURCE: RU-RTR-----------------------VIDEO APPROVAL: ----------------------------VIDEO RESTRICTIONS: No Access Russia----------------------------------MARKET EMBARGO (S): --------------------------------SCRIPT/WIRE SOURCE: APTN-Russia Sect