Raw: Woman Safe After Dangling From Balcony
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A woman was pulled to safety after dangling from a fourth-floor window for about 20 minutes in northeast China. (Aug. 12)


CCTV - NO ACCESS CHINA++FOOTAGE PROVIDED BY CHINA'S STATE BROADCASTER ON BEHALF OF THE BEIJING GOVERNMENT++1. Woman being held by her boyfriend and neighbor on fourth-floor balcony, tilt down to firefighters on ground2. Wide of woman being held by boyfriend and neighbors, with fire fighter climbing to reach third-floor window ledge to push woman up3. Various of firefighter rescuing woman ++PART MUTE++STORYLINE:Neighbors and firefighters came to a couple's rescue in northeast China on Saturday, when a man who saved his girlfriend from a fall was almost pulled from a four-story window.The incident took place in Harbin, the capital of Heilongjiang ProvinceThe young man was talking to his girlfriend from the balcony below their fifth-floor apartment, as the couple had been arguing.She was sitting on the balcony talking to him when she slipped."The girl was sitting on the window balcony with her feet on the clothes rack when she suddenly slipped and fell down," said an eyewitness.The youth was able to catch her just in time, but he was also dragged out of the window in the process.A neighbor from the fourth floor saw what had happened and quickly grabbed the man's legs.Neighbors from the third and sixth floors also joined later to help support the couple before firefighters arrived at the scene."The doors to the rooms were on the other side of the building, so we had to climb three stories using a ladder and a tent provided by a local resident. Then I stood on the third floor window and pushed her back up," said a firefighter.After a 20-minute rescue effort, the couple was lifted to safety.