Raw Video: Chinese Quads Sport Unusual Hair Cuts
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Chinese quadruplets had their hair cut in different styles to be easily identified in school. Since the brothers attend the same primary school, their mother came up with the idea of using special hairstyles to make the boys easier to identify. (Sept. 7)


[Location - Date:][Source:][VO:]AP is distributing the following video news release on behalf of CCTVMaterial is free access allMaterial is not AP Content AP does not guarantee the accuracy of this content, nor endorse any opinions reflected in itSHOTLIST:Shenzhen, China - Sept 6, 20121. Mid of four school bags2. Various of class schedule3. Close of mother washing dishes4. Mid of mother and quadruplets having breakfast5. Various of hairstyles of quadruplets6. Various of children putting on clothes7. Mid of mother and children on way to school 8. Various of quadruplet in classroom9. Various of quadruplet on playground10. Close of quadruplets11. Mid of mother and quadruplets on way home12. Various of pictures of quadrupletsSTORYLINE:Quadruplets brothers had their hair cut in different styles to be easily identified in school in South China's Shenzhen city. Since the quadruplets went to the same primary school, Tan Chaoyun, the mother of the quadruplets, came out with the idea of using special hairstyle to make the bothers easy to be identified. The bothers' hairs were cut into shapes of numbers showing the order of their birth. The quadruplets were born in 2006 and Tan was an older mother then. A lot of media reported the birth of the rare quadruplets birth.(****END****) VIDEO PRODUCER: dstarddard---------------------------VIDEO SOURCE: CCTV via APTN-----------------------VIDEO APPROVAL: yes----------------------------VIDEO RESTRICTIONS: Courtesy CCTV----------------------------------MARKET EMBARGO (S):No Access Chinese mainland --------------------------------SCRIPT/WIRE SOURCE: none------------------------------------