Raw: Santa Drops Candy From Chopper For Kids
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A Maryland church spread some holiday cheer on Sunday by having Santa Claus drop candy from a helicopter to children below at a Baltimore-area high school. (Dec. 23)


SHOTLIST:WMAR - Courtesy - AP Clients Baltimore - Dec. 231. WS of people on high school grounds waiting for helicopter2. TS of helicopter with Santa tossing candy to children below3. WS of woman and child 4. TS of helicopter5. WS of girl with candy cane6. Two little kids with candy canes7. Pull out on chopper with Santa tossing candy8. TS of helicopter with Santa9. MS of woman holding child STORYLINE:Santa is trading in his sleigh and all his reindeer....even Rudolph.Sunday, santa hitched a ride on a helicopter instead."At All Costs Church" brought jolly old saint nick in.He flew over north county high school -- to drop candy canes to the kids waiting below. The church has done this before----with the easter bunny.(****END****)