Raw: In Milwaukee, Stress About School Safety
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Parents in Milwaukee dropped their kids off at school with the events of Connecticut on their mind. For most, anxiety was tinged with the belief that a classroom is a safe place. (Dec. 17)


SHOTLIST:AP TELEVISION - AP CLIENTS ONLYMilwaukee, Dec. 17, 20121. Wide of school2. Medium of kid walking into school3. Flag at half staff4. Medium of window5. Medium of parent kissing kids6. Medium of kids going into school7. SOUNDBITE: Alin Becerra, AH-leen BIH'-sar-ah who was dropping off her 4- and 12-year- olds at Humboldt Park Elementary School in Milwaukee Monday morning. She also has a 16, 14 and 1 year old. "They're scared. They asked me if they can stay and do what's it called school at home or home schools or something. But I said, 'It's going to be ok. It's not at every school.'"8. SOUNDBITE: Alin Becerra "I had talked to my husband and I asked him, we were talking about what happened that day and I had mentioned to him I might have to stop in the school and make sure they have cameras and make sure, you know, who they let in because you do get scare."9. Medium of Antonio Perez walking his kids to the school10. SOUNDBITE: Antonion Perez "A little bit stress, a little bit, but this school no have problems but last Friday I felt very stressed, very scared."11. SOUNDBITE: Samantha Drane, who took her 6 year old son to school Monday. "I don't feel any more anxiety. I don't think this translates to all schools. I think it was an isolated awful incident that words really can't describe. But I don't think there is any more danger in sending my child to school than there is keeping him home. The likelihood of me having a home invasion is higher than sending him to school and having something happen there."12. SOUNDBITE: Samantha Drane "It was a good opportunity to hug my boys all day and night and a good reminder to be grateful for everything we do have."