Rachael Ray's Brussels Sprouts with Bacon
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Bacon and shallots are ideal flavor enhancers for sauteed Brussels sprouts.


Rachael Ray's Brussels Sprouts with Bacon Now, I love Brussels sprouts, little baby cabbages. I mean what's not to like they have a great texture they have wonderful taste and I do them in a variety of different ways. These Brussels sprouts I'm going to get started with a little bit of bacon in the pan. It gives it nice flavor and I'm going to get the bacon out of the pan while it still crisp but I got to get it crisp first so, I'm going to get this right in there. A little evo-oil, we’ll drizzle on the bottom of the pan there. A few slices of bacon get that going. Now the Brussels sprouts I gave them a rinse when I brought them home form the store. Little guys like this one here I would just leave it whole. Slightly bigger guys like this, I cut them in half. And you just want to trim them up just a tiny bit. I give each one a little ones over. And just trim off the ends there, just like that. And then a larger one, I would cut in half just like that. And I'm going to get the bacon out of that pan before it gets any darker. We take the bacon out so it's nice and crispy. So I can sprinkle it over the top but I add charlotte in there Brussels sprout to that pan and it’s got all the bacon renderings in it so it’s nice and tasty. What did I do with my little slotted spoon and here it is. Okay, yummy, yummy nice crunchy top. Okay, now to that, I'm going to add my charlotte, let get that in there, get that started working. Get them right in the pan with that bacon drippings and the charlotte. Oh, it smells great. And then season her up with salt and pepper. And get that little bit chicken stock. And I've got my Brussels sprouts coming along nicely here. And this is a meal that so easy you could have Thanksgiving ones a month. I got my Brussels sprouts here. I did those with the charlottes and a little bit of stock and I started the pan with beautiful bacon and give it a little extra flavor and now I've got my crispy bacon reserved to put right on top there.