R.I. General Store Closes After 224 Years
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The oldest general store in the US is closing its doors after 224 years. Family-owned since 1788, current store owner Jonah Waite says he is selling the store following his father's death last month because it's no longer profitable. (July 30)


[Location - Date:Little Compton, Rhode Island/ July 29, 2012][Source:WPRI][SOT/:Sheila Kelly-Chace/ Store Visitor]"It's a landmark and it's something that's been here for a while... one of the few general stores that have been left, you know, so that..that's the sadness about it."[SOT/:Jonah White/ Inherited Store from his Father]"It's going definitely be a.. be a heartbreak to see this go.There's no other way to really explain it except. This is just such a piece of Americana... this cannot be touched. There's still some name plates on this. The value is so... it's literally priceless. It was his intention to sell the place for us before he unfortunately passed."[SOT/:Sheila Kelly-Chace/ Store Visitor]It's always going to be here so I'll do it next time, I'll do it next time... but there's no more next time."(****END****)