Quickie Coconut Cupcakes
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Rachael and the neighborhood kids make and decorate coconut cupcakes.


Quickie Coconut Cupcakes Rachael Ray’s Block Party Racheal: Alright so we got all this done. I say it’s time to make cupcakes, what do you think? Children: Yeah!! Racheal: Earlier we jazzed up a package of chocolate cake mix with some min chips so now were going to try some vanilla mix. We follow the directions on the box to get our batter then we really added a kick to the cakes. Okay so now we got to flavor these up with something what do we got left down right there? Child: I have a coconut that taste good with vanilla. Racheal: Alright well let’s put that coconut in the vanilla then, what do you think a couple of handfuls. Children: Yeah. Racheal: Alright. So that’s like half a cup so what do you say like another ½ cup two of these. Children: Yeah. Racheal: I like you when you guys agree with me it makes me feel better about baking. Child: They smell good. Racheal: They do, they smell awesome. Child: I can’t wait to eat them. Racheal: We got to wait till tomorrow though or we’ll just dig out tonight and you won’t want to eat anything tomorrow. I’m thinking will make a frosting tomorrow, those looks nice and fresh what do you think. Children: Yeah. Racheal: Okay I think I’m getting close there, excellent. See your make me feel like there’s hope for me. Child: It smells so good. Racheal: I know it smells awesome. Okay we need those paper things in that muffin tin, okay cool. This batter bowl has like whip so I think I can pour it. What was the best foods last year? What were some of your favorites? Child: We only eat hotdogs. Racheal: Hotdogs? Well hotdogs are not bad you put like chili and cheese and all kinds of kid stuff on them I guess. Okay so open the hot oven. Child: Okay. Racheal: Let’s get these guys in there and get them baked in. Now yesterday Jen your sister helped me make some ultra cool delicious cupcakes so I figured you can help with the frosting. Meredith started out by putting a 1 whole pound of butter in the mixing bowl then we added a little vanilla. Next we started to whip in the confectioners sugar smoothing it out with a splash of milk as we went until all 3 pounds of sugar were in. It’s looking good here. Child: So far. Racheal: Yeah thanks a lot for your vote of confidence there Jen, so far. Child: I wouldn’t want to be stirring with that thing. Racheal: I know and we had to stir that by hand imagine those poor people before they invented machines. I think that looks pretty done what do you guys think. Children: Yeah. Racheal: Okeydokey so cool, alright so purple for you so here’s the thing you stir it around a couple of times in the purple color. The Loops got yellow Meredith got red, stir it around and get a good goopy amount on the end and then you start stirring with the stick. Child: I also make mix like a purple. Racheal: Mix it purple cool, cool. Child: Okay. Racheal: Alright there’s this formula for you, you can mix it around a little easier with that probably oh these are good. Child: I’ll purpular. Racheal: Purpular, you made a new word. Jen, purpular. I think we’re good here what do you think guys? Children: Yeah. Racheal: Okay we got to get these cupcakes frosted up but I want to go check on the corn see you in a minute guys. Male: Hey everyone time for dessert don’t forget the cupcake. Racheal: You heard the man let’s go we’re going to take those cupcakes we made earlier and transform them into individual works of dessert sculpture. I decorated them with colored icing and all kinds of candies and cereals a cupcake station is our real equal thing to have but any function involving kids. It transforms dessert from a grab and go kind of a thing into a bonafide activity after all kids will love sweets and they could spend a lot time being really creative and having tons of fun. Okay, hey Jen you want to make a purpular one? Jen: Yeah. Racheal: Purpular cupcake decorating, what are going to do on the purpular one. Child: What do you want me? Racheal: I don’t know you wan to make a clown. Child: Okay. Racheal: Alright. Child: Get some of the colored cereal. Racheal: Alright put one of each of color in there, put the blue, perfect, let’s get some liquorish get a piece. Wow oh we got a naked smile happy clown. Child: Yup clowns are happy. Racheal: One awesome what do you think? Child: It’s good. Racheal: It’s good the purpular clown everybody check out look at that, alright look at this one. Sydney the candy girl with a candy hat look at her candy cupcake it’s amazing, it’s a work of art Sid, it’s awesome it’s just amazing. Okay so obviously this is a great tip guys whenever your having a kids party make some cupcakes make some simple frosting with the kids, buy a lot of cereals and candies and chocolate chips and just let them go completely crazy. I can’t imagine we’re funding this but I bet the watermelon contest is going to be close.