Quick Wedding Day Beauty Fixes
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Beauty expert Stacy Cox joins Rhiannon Ally and Better.TV to dispense some smart beauty advice on quick fixes to save your face on the big day.


Quick Wedding Day Beauty Fixes Rhiannon Ally: We all want to look picture perfect on our wedding day but unfortunately, some things are just out of our hands. So, beauty expert Stacy Cox is here with those quick fixes to all of those beauty emergencies. Welcome, Stacy. Stacy Cox: Thank you very much. Rhiannon Ally: Where are you on my wedding day? Stacy Cox: Yeah, I was on my MIA. Rhiannon Ally: You know what I actually love about all of these? These are those little things that brides just don’t think of. Stacy Cox: Exactly, and also when families and brides and bridesmaids are all stressed out, their resistance tends to be low. And there are little things you can do to just stay healthy and keep—like from getting a cold and all the unthinkable things. Rhiannon Ally: So, which should we be doing? Stacy Cox: All right, first thing, I was thinking about which from a brand called Cleanwell, which is right here, and it’s their Cleanwell hand sanitizer. So, I'm just going to grab one and to show to you. What’s cool about it is it kills 99.99% of germs. But it doesn’t do it with alcohol or Benzyl Konium Chloride or Triclosan. It does it with time, so it does it with the plant herb. Rhiannon Ally: It smells good. Stacy Cox: Exactly and it keeps your hands really soft and moisturized. They have wipes for $0.69 and then they have these little cool sprays for $2.99. And I think they’re great to keep in a bathroom and the guest’s and the ladies’ and men’s bathrooms. And, if you're dancing and you're perspiring, you can take one of their Cleanwell wipes, kind of dab it under your pits, you’ll be good to go and get back on the dance floor. Rhiannon Ally: Okay, so what if you're drinking red wine, you're eating all that food? Stacy Cox: Or in that you want to jump in to a photo, so what you want to do is take a Supersmile right here. It makes a quickie, no rinse, no brush like a toothpaste gel that you put a little dab. You take a little dab right here, you run it across your teeth and use your tongue as the toothbrush. Rhiannon Ally: Oh! Stacy Cox: It gives you fresh breath and it takes away any stains. Rhiannon Ally: Perfect! Okay. Stacy Cox: So, another question that brides always ask me is, “I'm out of money. My money has been—my budget’s been tapped. I want to get my skin looking great.” One of the most affordable ways to do it is from Olay. It’s their Intensive Wrinkle Protocol System. Okay, here’s the deal. Retail’s for $62.00. You use it two times a day, two months leading up to the wedding. The British Journal of Dermatology compared the Intensive Wrinkle Protocol against like a dermatologist gold standard prescription, which costs you time and money, and they found out that the Intensive Wrinkle Protocol works just as well. So, this has been a big thing in skin care especially in drugstore retail. It’s been kind of flipping things on its side and it’s exciting because this type of ingredients that’s worked on, Skin, cell turnover anti-aging, dehydration and fine lines works on all of those things at once. It hasn’t been available at $62.00 ever. And, in the last year, Olay has really pushed the envelope. Rhiannon Ally: They’re really getting some great reviews. Stacy Cox: What else do we have? Right here, if you want—hold that up. That’s perfect! Miss and misses, for $25.00, it comes out with this Bridessentials kit. It even has this something blue. So, if you forget something blue, they have like a little pin with a blue heart Rhiannon Ally: We have that right here. Stacy Cox: You’ve got right there. It’s not cool. Rhiannon Ally: That is very cool! Stacy Cox: If they think of hair spray, facial tissue, everything and it’s missing Mrs.com and they’ve got MOB, mother of the bride and MOG, mother of the groom, they have kits for everybody. Rhiannon Ally: Oh, perfect! I really like that one. So, our regular make up isn’t good for a wedding day. Stacy Cox: No, you need spackles. You need really good cosmoceutical great make up and cover effects makes a camouflage concealer that you can knock out freckles, moles and tattoos for the day. And then, you go over with a setting powder and you're good to go all day long. Rhiannon Ally: Okay, I want you to tell me quickly about this one over here. Stacy Cox: Blushing Bride, Tartecosmetics.com came out with the perfect gel water-based. It won't clog your pores but gives you just the hint of color and they called it Blushing Bride and it’s their award winning check stains, their gel-based cheek stains. Rhiannon Ally: Love that! Thank you so much. All great products, thanks Stacy. Stacy Cox: Yeah, you're welcome.