Questions Abound in Ohio School Shooting
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The teen suspected in an Ohio school shooting struggled in his personal life, then appeared to turn himself around once he was taken in by grandparents, longtime neighbors said Wednesday. He is accused of killing three students Monday. (Feb. 29)


[Location: Chardon, Ohio][Source: AP][VO: school, students, house, memorial]CHARDON ((Sh-are-done)) OHIO WANTS TO KNOW WHY.BUT THERE ARE NO ANSWERS YET.[SOT/Megan Loetz, Chardon High School Student] "I just ask why, why us? Why Chardon? We're just a small town in Ohio."MEGAL LOETZ IS A SOPHOMORE AT CHARDON HIGH SCHOOL…THE SCENE OF MONDAY'S DEADLY SHOOTING.SHE KNOWS THE ALLEGED GUNMAN TJ LANE AND THE THREE STUDENTS HE IS ACCUSED OF KILLING.[SOT/Megan Loetz, Chardon High School Student] "The community is just flipped upside down. This is my life and it's a nightmare. Like I can't get away from it. Like, I go online, Facebook, Twitter, everything is about Chardon. I turn on the TV, it's Chardon."LANE LIVED IN THIS HOUSE WITH HIS GRANDPARENTS.ALL PROSECUTORS WOULD SAY ABOUT HIM IS THAT HE IS, QUOTE, "SOMEONE WHO'S NOT WELL."BUT RUSS MILLER LIVES NEXT DOOR AND SAYS HE WAS JUST A NORMAL KID.[SOT/Russ Miller, Neighbor]"Typical 17 year old. Easy going. I've known this boy since he was probably five six years old. His grandparents had custody of him over here."MILLER SAYS LANE HELPED HIM AROUND THE HOUSE WITH SMALL CHORES, AND WOULDN'T TAKE ANY MONEY.[SOT/Russ Miller, Neighbor]"Stunned. Never in my wildest dreams would I dream this boy would do something like this."MILLER DESCRIBES LANE AS A "HEALTH CONSCIOUS" TEENAGER WHO WOULD FREQUENTLY EXERCISE IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD. HE WAS HAVING TROUBLE ACADEMICALLY AT CHARDON HIGH SCHOOL, SO HE STARTED ATTENDING A NEARBY TECHNICAL SCHOOL INSTEAD.[SOT/Russ Miller, Neighbor]"He went from flunking out, from what I understand, to almost a straight A student with honors and he was going to graduate a year early."BUT ON MONDAY MORNING…OFFICIALS SAY LANE PULLED OUT A GUN AND OPENED FIRE ON A CAFETERIA TABLE FULL OF FELLOW STUDENTS WHILE WAITING FOR A TRANSFER BUS AT CHARDON HIGH SCHOOL.ALL OF HELGA DAVIES KIDS WENT TO THIS SCHOOL.[SOT/Helga Davies, Chardon, Ohio]"We'd like to pray for everybody. And I hope they have peace."LANE IS EXPECTED TO BE FORMALLY CHARGED WITH THE KILLINGS IN THE NEXT FEW DAYS…AND WILL LIKELY BE TRIED AS AN ADULT.TED SHAFFREY, ASSOCIATED PRESS, CHARDON, OHIO[SIGOUT/REPORTER, LOCATION, ASSOCIATED PRESS](****END****) ANCHOR VOICE: -------------------------VIDEO PRODUCER: ted shaffrey/ned barker---------------------------VIDEO SOURCE: ap video-----------------------VIDEO APPROVAL: donna starddard----------------------------VIDEO RESTRICTIONS: none----------------------------------MARKET EMBARGO (S): none--------------------------------SCRIPT/WIRE SOURCE: ted shaffrey