Quality Time with the Kids
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Daddy Brad gets in some quality time that RAWKS the house. Form a band with your kids, release an album and play a live gig -- all in one day! An activity sure to go multi-platinum.


Male speaker: Everybody wants to be a rocking role star and everybody wants to spend quality time with your kids, here is an idea start abounds with your kids. This episode quality time is brought to you by Babybjorn. Some of the coolest baby gear in the world Babybjorn. First thing you need to do is start a band as you come up with cool name. Now one of the greatest things about been a rocking role star you get where whatever you were. So click on a costume, I mean guys can be chicks can dark clouds being a rocker, -- with your gun. The rocking role you do that, and yeah that's rocking. Now it's time to write your tune. If you play a musical instrument like guitar, storm and let your kid play long and harmonica or -- which is make a noise as soon as all about the point is hope your kids write a song. Now you got the song it's time to late hours in some tracks in the studio. Once again if you're at musical data take that you can put it down on I don't know garage band and one of though it really freaky crazy software's that your musicians hear. If you like me kind of take a play baby. Now your band needs an album cover, gather up the band, go and take some cool pictures. What you need is a live show, take that photo you made make up from posters stick them around house by grandma, grandpa people that don't have much to do. And that's all for us freaking quality time. I would like to thank our sponsored babybjorn really cool, cook baby gear. If you write a great song with your family band you come up with the really cool album cover go to dadlabs.com and join the community and share, you will see that tool now show us, show us take care. Here I go.