Q&A with Diet.com Fitness Expert Katrina
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Discover ways to get the most out of your health regiment as fitness expert Katrina examines some traditional approaches to a fitness program.


Female: I am here right now with diet.com’s fitness expert and also my trainer, Katrina and we have some questions for you today. Question number one, how reliable are nutrition facts? So if I buy a package of bagels, lenders, straight up, how reliable is the actual calorie content in the bagel to what they are telling me? Female: They do estimate an average of the bagel. Let us say something that is mass produced like that, but most things are accurate, some things like supplements that are not regulated can be a little inaccurate. What you want to do just to make sure that it is accurate is to look at the grams of carbohydrates and the grams of protein added up so there is 4 calories in 1 gram of carbs. So let us say there is 30 carbs, you are going to times that by four. Let us say there is 6 grams of protein, times that by four. There is 9 calories per gram of fat so you want to times that by nine and then you add up the calories, if it is incorrect then, they are not telling you the truth. Female: If I want to lose weight, what is the best cardio for me to do? Short period of time, really high intense; a little bit longer than that mix between high and low or long period of time at a low intensity, if I want to lose weight. Female: If you want to lose weight, a lot of people prefer to do one way or the other. If you cannot physically do high intensity things for 20 minutes and you are a little lower fitness level and you can do 60 minutes walking, that is what you can do so that is how you will succeed. I just say do whatever that is going to work for you. A lot of people will talk about the fat burning zone so a percentage of your heart rate that is lower, you do burn more fat at that minute or hour that you are doing the cardio so let us say you are like 50 or 40% of your max heart rate, you are better off being more intense because in all, you are going to burn more calories so it is all the same thing. Calories are calories so 3500 calories is a pound of fat. If you want to lose a pound of fat, or two pounds of fat in a week, that is 7000 calories, just deduct a few calories from your diet burn a few calories in the gym and go from there. If you mix up low intensity and high intensity in the gym, sometimes it is more fun so you will stick with it too so as long as you are not getting bored then you will be successful. Female: If I work out in the morning, should I eat breakfast before or when should I eat breakfast? Female: A lot of people are not hungry first thing in the morning. But once you start working out, you really hit a wall and if the only time you want to workout is in the morning or if you want to be a morning workout person, I say eat something small. A lot of people will say that you have been sleeping all night so the only thing that you can burn is fat. Again, calories are calories the same thing as before, you are going to burn calories so as the entire day deficits, so you burn 600 calories in the morning, that is what is going to happen so if you want to grab something light I suggest a banana. Take something that is going to stick in your stomach and it will last. A little thing, oatmeal, something small that is not going to make you feel sick too. I do not suggest cereals or any milk products though. Female: When I go to the gym, I have read multiple conflicting articles, should I lift weights or should I do cardio first, if I plan on doing both. Female: I usually suggest to people do whatever is going to get you through your workout. Some people like to do cardio first and they are more motivated to lift after and they actually prefer to do it. I say do whatever you like but scientifically, they say, I do not know, to warm up for five minutes, lift first because you are going to burn out all the glycogen in your muscles and when you do cardio once your glycogen is up from lifting, you are going to tackle your stores in your liver and then it goes to the fat so you start to transfer calories from triglycerides. But in all, calories are calories so say you go to the gym and you burn 400 calories lifting weights and 300 doing cardio, calories are calories so you are going to lose weight. Female: The last one is not really a secret but do you know what eating green is, if you do not, that is fine. Female: I think actually they will laugh if they see this. My aunt at thanksgiving said that they have gone green and that means all natural products and herbal products, is that right. Female: I do not know. I am asking you. Female: Maybe I will have to find out so she would not get mad at me. Female: So we will still find that out for you guys. Basically, it is going to be a big new trend for 2008. That is why we are asking. Female: They said, we have gone green and in our family catch up conversation, we do that every year and I was a Sherwood. Every thanksgiving, we have a family log, every part of our family writes what they have been doing that year, what the kids have been doing. It is really good. My grandfather started that like 20 years ago Female: Whatever catch up coming— Female: Catch up, not eating ketchup like—like catch up I am going to catch up with you. Female: Oh catch up. Lastly, Katrina’s blog is coming up is going to be about how to stay motivated to achieve your new year’s resolution or any goal that you might have had in the past year, you just want to change your lifestyle a little bit, what are your top tips on how to stay motivated. Female: There is going to be a lot of tips that I wrote out but the three biggest tips are tell a friend, get a friend involved. If you have to do it with someone, it works a lot better because you remind each other all year. Second, make it small and attainable. You do not want it to be a huge goal because we all know we do not stick to them and third one, if you want a goal and you know it is not going to work in January because things get so crazy, set it for March, I am going to do this project. In March, I am going to run this race. I am going to start training for something this summer, this March, something that is a little further out so you do not have to start your new year’s resolution right away but make sure you make it attainable. Female: Thank you so much. We will see you guys shortly with another fun thing.