Q-Ba-Maze Building Blocks Review
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The dads traveled to the New York Toy Fair and found a really cool alternative to traditional construction toys. Q-Ba-Maze are amazing children's toys that are high-tech building blocks. Kids can construct a maze and run marbles through it.


Brad: You know, I'm always psyche when I can find a toy that my kids can play with, but I can too. I'm here with Andrew Comfort of Cubamaze and he's going to tell us about this really neat construction toy. Andrew. Andrew: Hello, Cubamaze is a simple set of three different types of cubes. You got a bottom exit cube, a single exit cube, and a double exit cube. And they come in multiple different colors. You can build essentially infinite re-combinations of these cubes. And whatever you build, you create a pathway for the balls to go through. And in the store it looks like this, and it works in the box. Brad: Future engineers, future designers, something to do while you're sitting at your desk. The Cubamaze. Thanks Andrew. Andrew: Thank you.