Public Potty Training
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Potty training is one of the most challenging tasks parents will face as they raise their kids. But what happens when the degree of difficulty is raised and potty training goes from the home to out in public? In this episode of The Lab, Daddy Clay and Daddy Brad attempt to help deal with the phobia of public potty training. They talk with a dad and friend of DadLabs, Gregg Ross, who shares his potty training mishaps. What are the essential diaper bag items a parent will need to bring along?


Public Potty Training Daddy Brad: Don’t let potty training turn you into a shot in. Daddy Troy: Today, we help you with your phobia of potty training in public Daddy Brad: Today’s episode is brought you by BabyBjorn. You know this wonderful BabyBjorn potty chair maybe just the thing your little dude needs to get them excited about public potty training. Daddy Troy: You look like Daddy Brad. Potty training is stressed one now even if you’re doing it in your private compounds of your own home. Daddy Brad: Yeah, you think it’s tough cleaning that do soft of your own shod carpet why do you have to deal with the embarrassment of a pubic accident. Daddy Troy: And when things happen in public, it just seems to add an extra layer of pressure and stress that makes it all the more complicated. Daddy Brad: Yeah and the results can be really crappy, Daddy Troy. Daddy Troy: Those are crappy. Gregg Ross: My wife and I were just convinced that there have to be one thing that we’re going to be horrifically bad up and it seems to be a potty training. With Casey, my daughter we’re really good about all right we’re going to give her run and we’re going to try and make sure that she understands no more diapers, no more pull ups and we actually took her to a big birthday party, big kid’s party and the people had to play escape and Casey cropped in the top of them to play escape. With Gram, my son it’s been Jesse’s back and he has managed to pee or poop in every single place that we would not want him to, family member’s homes, friend’s homes, lots of restaurants, cafeterias, where we work. I will do anything to avoid the embarrassment of having to go to somebody, if we’ve been at-- we were at a birthday party the other day hour long we haven’t even done to the cake. He peed himself. I didn’t extra stuff. I said, “That’s it. We’re going home.” And I think that I’m oh if I do that he will be like all upset. He was and I will make him start peeing and pooping the party which he hasn’t done. None of it’s worth because we did it wrong. We’re punishing him, which they say they’re not supposed to be mad at him. I still think he does it to spite me. He has this wonderful thing where after he’s gone poop he gets very quiet and then all I have to do is say, “Gram, where are you?” or “Gram, did you go potty? And he goes, “Don’t tell me that.” I cannot imagine my wife who’s now the understanding, reasonable one among us says, “It was terrible with Casey” and she eventually got it. He’s going to get it. I will be so happy although I still have to help my wife because I don’t have to do that for a while, so I still have little bit of work done. I think I’ll probably celebrate when he goes off to college. Daddy Brad: Now when we went through this it was all about a couple of key items that I added to it became my undivert bag. Daddy Troy: Just like an unbaffled bunch of giant baby. Daddy Brad: Well as you know, I like unorthodox bags for my daughter bag. This I brought out today, this is a Lowepro. It’s called a classified sling 228W. That is why I like this model as a potential divert bag substitute. It’s a top loader on the sling and in here, I’ve got a couple of really important items. First, a pair of scissors, second the jumbo pack of Wal-Mart under pants. Daddy Troy: Oh yes, kids just drops producing those you just cut them off like an ER nurse cuts as a glove enough. Daddy Brad: Yeah I mean really when it comes down it these are more expensive than a pull up they are a less than a dollar a pair, they don’t offer much more resistance to the scissors than that, you cut them off, throw them in a Ziploc and you can dispose of them no problem walk away, nobody is even wiser. Daddy Troy: Nobody knows, hey what do you have for the poop within there? Now if you want to use something perforated because if you don’t you’ll be chasing that baby root all over the pool and end up in the deep bin and that just gets crazy. Daddy Brad: You know more important than managing the mess is managing your own emotions. Daddy Troy: That’s right ask the experts and they’re going to tell you that kids need to be relaxed when it comes to the subject of potty training. Daddy Brad: If you have a blow up every time they have a blowout, kids will start to not trust you as much but it has to tell you when they need to go and that can lead to more accidents. Daddy Troy: Yeah that’s right, even if they dump a huge growler in the backyard of big dinner party, don’t get too upset just kind of keep it low key, you can always tell that story that there were personal dinners unusually. Daddy Brad: If you’ve got nightmare or public potty training stories, suggestions on how to create up a mess or tips on how to keep your cool in the stressful situation. We want to hear from you. Join us at, create some conversation there, you’ll hear from us for sure. Daddy Troy: Thanks for our sponsor BabyBjorn. You know if you find yourself having to practice in all your family outings, don’t blame us.