Psychosis: Early Warning Signs
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In this medical health video Dr. Carrie Bearden of UCLA lists the symptoms to look out for that indicate someone is at risk for developing a psychotic disorder.


Psychosis: Early Warning Signs Carrie Bearden: Some of the warning signs that may indicate, it's specifically a risk for psychosis, starting to become increasingly suspicious about people around them, like friends, talking about, maybe that their friends are saying bad things about them, thinking negative things about them. Increased social anxiety, not wanting to go out in public. Developing unusual thoughts or preoccupation with some unusual ideas, like becoming worried that people might be reading their minds or becoming more disturbed by sounds in the environment. So, a lot of times people will say, that they, the sound of a clock ticking didn't use to bother them, but it's becoming increasingly bothersome. And they become very distracted by just normal sounds and they may start hearing things that aren't actually there or thinking someone's calling them when they aren't. So, those are early warning signs that may indicate that someone is beginning to develop an actual psychotic disorder.