Protecting Your Children from Skin Cancer
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Dr. Heck recalls how a mother can help protect her child from developing skin cancer and also explains why putting on sunscreen should become part of your daily routine.


Protecting Your Children from Skin Cancer How Can Mothers Protect Their Children From Skin Cancer and Why Is Sunscreen So Important? Moms, I’d like to tell you how to advocate for your children. You want to make sure and apply broad-spectrum sunscreen SPF 30 or higher to their skin every morning. Just make it part of their morning routine. They get their hair done, they wash their face and then either they or you apply the sunscreen. I have a two and a three-year old little boy and they both use to screen with the sunscreen. Now, they’re still used to it as part of the morning, they actually remind me just in case I forget. I do like mineral blockers for children better than chemical blockers. That’s personal opinion but I prefer zinc oxide which is a broad-spectrum mineral blocker. It’s better tolerated. I think it’s a little easier on the skin. The greater the sun exposure in youth, the larger the number of moles that are produced on the body and the greater number of moles you have, the higher your risk factor is for melanoma. So, it’s very important from an early age to apply some protection all the time.