Protecting the Street Children in Russia
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A health center, run by Medicines du Monde, offers help to the street children who are seeking for medical help and advice.


Protecting the Street Children in Russia Male: This dropping center run by Medicins de Monde of offers girls and boys, who live on the street medical, social, and psychological support. The number of diseases contracted by children is escalating. Lena Cherkassova: We have to deal with a high number of burns and injuries; several illnesses connected to drug addiction, hepatitis C, hepatitis B, and HIV and AIDS. We got many girls coming to our center who are involved in the sex business, who make money for drugs, and for the things they need by selling sex. The blood test results from 2001 show that every 10th children whose blood is tested was HIV positive, and don’t forget we’re talking about children aged between 14 and 18. Male: Deema has been living on the street for the last 4years. He frequently runs away from state shelters. He’s been ill several times and visits this center when he needs help. He’s parents like many others in St. Petersburg sold this city center apartment to opportunist. Leaving the entire family homeless, they were alcoholics and beat him. Michael the centers psychiatrist uses test to gage on Deema his coping. Michael: He has a lot of mortal problems and he has lot of bad experience, beat him and some sexual exportation because he met some all adults. He met a man who exploited him, like put him. He has spent all of time on this deed. He can’t stay in to a shelter more than 5days because he is a very aggressive person. I think his more of criminal in 2 or 3 years he will be spent to the prison or to the hot boot, I think there are no another way. Male: When Deema isn’t staying with some man he met on the street, he lives here; in this derelict car. Alexei Bukharov: Russia should think about his children, right? Those children can still become a normal citizen, can become models, can become soldiers, and can become workers, who will work for the prosperity of Russia right? And if we do not support them now; they will become street people, useless people, who would be a burden to this state. Now we got only one generation of street children for in the age bracket off lets say 7 to 18 right? And most of them will grow up and they have own children. And this will create street people. Male: Street children missed out on their education. Sfat Lamma though is one of the lucky one. She’s back at school and has a future. She’s safe and she’s being reunited with her family. It wasn’t long ago that she too was on the street looking for food when a mother became too ill to care for her. Female: When mom didn’t have any bread we went to collect bottles. The baby didn’t have any milk. So we went to collect bottles so we could get food. Male: Street social workers rescued Sfat Lamma and the family has been enrolled in to year long program which supports them until her mother Natasha can get back on her feet. Every week they meet up with other families who faced similar problems. Female: These classes I feel useful and interesting for us. We learn lots of new things. We have to talk about our experiences and now we are like one big happy family. Alexei: We got two major aims. First of all is to help to registry children directly. And the second aim is to sensitize the public at large and the politicians on the issue of child labor. The biggest frustration is indifference of state officials. This issue is still underestimated, it is underestimated how graved it is, how dangerous it is for the future of the country. Drive open-minded politicians that already understand that addressing social issues it can be beneficial for the future can provide a stable development, sustainable development to other country in 20 years. But not everybody understands it so far. Natalayia: In the transition to the market economy, our country found itself in uncharted territory. So as we walk down this path, it is very important to learn about the international experience. The international organizations bring the knowledge. They also sponsored the beginning stages of the new innovative project.