Prosciutto and Carrot Bundles Recipe
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Giada shows you how to make Prosciutto and Carrot Bundles, a great and easy-to-make snack for any occasion.


Prosciutto and Carrot Bundles Recipe Prosciutto and carrot bundles have everything. They’re crunchy, they’re salty and a little bit sweet, perfect finger food for when you're reading a book or watching a movie. I tossed shredded carrot with olive oil and balsamic vinegar then I roll them up with fresh basil and paper thin prosciutto. Prosciutto and carrot bundles are an elegant snack, easy enough to make just for yourself. When I'm craving something light but still full flavored, this dish hits the spot. I'm going to show you how easy it is to make. I'm going to start with two carrots, peeled. I’m just cutting the ends off. I'm just going to grate them on my box grater here. Just do it in an angle, it make it easier to grate. Go ahead and just grate it all the way down. What I love about the carrot is the beautiful orange color. It adds a little sweetness and some crispiness to the bundles. And then I wrap them is prosciutto and it's—just every bite is heaven. Just get one more here. Perfect, okay. I got my carrots you see. Look how good they look, and I need to make my vinaigrette. I use a little bit of balsamic vinegar. Here we go and some extra virgin olive oil and we’re going to use -- double of the amount of olive oil to vinegar. It's kind of the traditional way of making the vinaigrette. One part the acid, two parts the oil. A little bit of salt of course and some freshly ground black pepper and then I’m just going to take a fork and mix it all together. There’s so many things you can do it with balsamic vinegar, it's one of the staple vinegars in my pantry. I'm going to add the carrots right in there. You just want to toast all of the carrots. Give them lots of flavor. Okay. And I'm going to pick some fresh basil leaves and the basil leaves are sweet. They’re perfect for this. I’m just going to pick a couple, just like that. Now, time for the prosciutto, a nice thinly slice piece of prosciutto and we’re going to cut it in half. Great prosciutto is perfectly sweet and salty. It's just so good. So good. So you put a little bit of carrot right in the middle, a little bit of crunch. And you add a whole basil leaf. See the colors? You’ve got the orange from the carrot, the green from the basil and then that pink hue from prosciutto. It kind a like an Italian spring roll. Just roll it up and I stick a little toothpick just to hold it together, here we go, I put it on the plate. Let’s do another one and you roll it up. You just stick it with a little toothpick. One more. So this is like a nice little twist on the classic prosciutto and melon combination just to do something a little different. All right, time to bite on the bundles. You know what, the colors are so great. The prosciutto melts like butter, slightly sweet from the carrots and balsamic vinegar and the freshness from basil. It's the perfect little bite.