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This fashion video shows you beautiful prom dresses to give you an idea of what to wear to your prom.


The first look Ashley has on is a look we talked a little earlier, it looks great on everyone Empire Top with a nice day A-line skirt, we refer to it as a party dress, it's in silver metallic brocade, toe hem and a nice way to make the dress pop is with the trend and accessories chunky metallic gems. The second look Ashley has on is black and white we are talking about black and white, this is sort of reminiscent of a ball gown but then short because we are seeing short is really popular and just the hint of white a piping just adds a little bit of elegance and ribbon lace are also very important to dress this. For accessories Ashley is wearing a Victorian choker, a perfect addition to a classic black and white dress. Ashley has on one of our most favorite dresses, the princess inspired dress a very Alice Cinderella enchanted with the pick of pinch pleats fitted borders and this one has beautiful beading detail on it and Ashley is wearing a beautiful pair of the Linear Rhinestone earrings and they really give an finishing touch that she doesn't even need a necklace with this look. Here is another Cinderella look fitted borders, a lot of pinched pleats, very enchanted, princess inspired what you are going to see a lot in our dresses this year are coursed by some popular detail and the accessories Ashley has on great beaded clutch in metallic gold and Linear Chandelier earrings. We have talked metallics before and we have shown you a silver brocade metallic another way to interpret metallic is through sequin and Ashley is wearing a metallic black of all over sequin dress with a bow, along with the dress she is wearing beautiful chiffon cover up if you will, and she has got nice beautiful chandelier earrings. We were talking about intense coloration, here is the perfect example electric blue we also have Azures and Cobalt as well and you can see the bubble hem at the bottom twist top end, and perfect loose sight accessories to match and another key trend are the stud earrings.