Prom Dress Shopping Guide
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This fashion video will gives you all the advice you need to find that perfect prom dress.


Heidi: Hi! My name is Heidi and you are watching, and today we are taking a look at Prom 2009 style. Before one even begins to shop for their prom dress, what should they consider? Cathy Wilson: You should find your personal style. If you are a classic person, trendy or romantic. If you are unsure of that, you can flip through magazines and get a feel for the styles you like. Heidi: Is there any way to make your shopping experience easier? Cathy Wilson: Dress really comfortable that day, because you are going to be trying on a lot of things. Bring someone who you trust their taste level, because they are going to be helping you pick that special dress. And what works for me is liking my hair that day and putting on a little lip gloss, because it goes a long way when you are looking at yourself in the mirror. Heidi: Every girl wants a perfect dress for her prom night, how does she go about finding that dress? Cathy Wilson: There are really not a lot of rules today for events. So as long as you love the dress, I think you'll pull it off. A-line shapes are definitely very flattering on all body types. And look for a color that you love, because that color could pop on you and make all the difference. Heidi: Does a prom dress have to be long? Cathy Wilson: Today it's probably 50-50, depends if you want to show a little bit of leg. It depends on your style. Some people perceive long as a more formal option. Heidi: What should a girl take with her on prom night? Cathy Wilson: I guess the only thing you really need is your date and a clutch purse that will hold your lip gloss, blotting paper, possibly taxi money. Heidi: Can you show us some of the popular trends for 2009? Cathy Wilson: Sure. Let's go take a look. Heidi is wearing one of our key trends this season; it's all about tears, and she is wearing a corkscrew tear dress, it's strapless, and it's empire, which is a really popular silhouette for this. Heidi is wearing a Katy Perry inspired dress. Belted silhouette is super important this season. It's also a great dress, because once you remove your belt, you've got a great basic dress that will take you anywhere. And of course hoops are in, and she has got a great pair of silver large hoops and a clutch and multiple bangles. We're looking at a very feminine dress, very romantic. The flower influence is very important in fashion this year. Heidi is wearing a satin organza dress, with a beautiful rosette on it, and a gold clutch. Heidi is wearing a Hervé Léger inspired dress, the banded look; also very popular with the celebrities this season, in turquoise and black. Color blocking is also an important statement. This prom trend isn't about the silhouette necessarily, it's about the color. It's all about purple this season. One of my favorite looks is very feminine, it's Cinderella inspired, it's called pinch pleats, and a beautiful royal sapphire blue.