Programmable Pump Advantages
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This health video will focus on how medication is administered through a programmable pump and the health benefits to this.


Advantages Of The Programmable Pump Dr. Ken Follet: There are different types of infusion pumps. Some pumps are of a type we refer to as a constant flow rate; the pump always delivers the same amount of medication. There is no battery in the pump, so the longevity of the pump is very long, the pump should last indefinitely. The drawback is it's hard to adjust the dose of medication that the patients receive with that pump, because the pump gives the same amount of medication everyday. The other type of pump is referred to as a programmable pump. The programmable pump is actually computerized, which means it has electronics, and it has a battery inside. So we can adjust the drug dose using a little remote control device that sends a signal through the skin to the pump to either speed it up or slow it down. It makes it very easy to adjust the dose of medication to meet the needs of each patient. The other advantage of the programmability of a pump is that it allows us to vary the drug dose throughout the day. For example, suppose an individual is fairly comfortable during the day, but at bedtime, becomes very uncomfortable. We can program the pump to give a little extra score to the medicine just prior to bedtime, to help the patient be more comfortable then at bedtime. Dr. Nagy Mekhail: If I'm dealing with what we call dynamic pain or the dynamic disease pulses, the disease is progressing and this patient needs to adjust medications as we go along. The programmability gives us a adaptability to adjust the dose as we go along. Another example of patients that where the programmability is very important, people with multiple sclerosis, where they need -- during the day they need to have some muscles toned to be able to sit, to be able to participate and exercise and rehabilitation. While during the night, they don't need the muscles toned, they'd like to sleep as straight as possible. So the programmability allows me to give more medications during the night to allow them to be relaxed, and less medication during the day to make use of the muscles toned to participate in the exercise.