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Gear Daddy travels to Las Vegas to bring you the best picks from the ABC Kids Expo. Daddy Troy presents a few of his favorite baby products including art supplies for kids from EcoKids, Wry Baby, and some fun Billy Bob pacifiers. He also finds some great music for children from Rockabye Baby and baby hats for newborns and infants from Pink Axle.


Hey I’m Daddy Troy coming to you from the ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada. Here I am at the BabyBjorn Booth, Daddy Clay and Daddy Brad and I have fanned out over the conference floor to bring you the best new products this season. That’s right we decided to focus on products that are little bit out of the ordinary, from alternative parenting, to eco-parenting, to products that are just downright funny. These are my best in show. First stop, Eco-Kids, a company out of Portland, Main that makes eco-friendly kids art supplies. What’s really unique about this company is that all their dyes are made from natural materials like vegetables. They also have a great story, starting out as a small family business in the Farmers Market in Portland, Main. From chalk, to paint, to dough, this is really a cool art supply company. Another great company is the Ride Baby Company and they have some really fun, alternative One Z. This is another great family store they started their business selling one out in San Francisco. Now they’re out of North Carolina, really funny product. For those of you looking to accessorize in a unique way, there are the Billy Bob Pacifiers featuring little vampires, funny large teeth, and pig noses. Next, if you want your kids to appreciate your music, you can pick up this CD’s and downloads from Rock-a-Bye-Baby, including lullaby covers of Pearl Jam, Bob Marley, Cold Play and Aerosmith. And finally, no future musician would be found without a cat that gives amass to the mom, or dad, tattoo made by pink axel. So there you have it, my five best picks from the ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas, a big thanks to BabyBjorn for hosting us. If you want to find links to any of these companies, go over to and look for this video, we’ll see you next time.