Problems of Using 4 GB RAM on a 32-Bit Computer
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Comprehensive advice on your computer and software problems and questions, this video will focus on the problems of using 4 GB ram on a 32-bit computer.


Carrie Webb: Hey Robbie. AJames is just commenting and he says, “ I installed 4 gigabytes of RAM before I realized that my desktop could not use the last gigabyte due to that being 32-bit” Robbie Ferguson: You don’t have a 64-bit processor. I see you can’t upgrade? Carrie Webb: He says, “So I’ve wasted 1 gigabyte. Robbie Ferguson: Not specifically. I wouldn’t consider it as a waste like your system is not going to utilize the extra .8 gigs but you’re still getting the benefits of Dual channel. So if you’ve got four stick of one gig, you’re getting dual channel RAM. If you went with only 3 gigs, you’re going to be running in single channel mode. So it’s going to be running at half the speed. So there are benefits there beyond the size of the capacity of the RAM itself. Carrie Webb: Okay. Robbie Ferguson: But if your processor doesn’t support 64-bit, then it’s a bit of a shame that you can’t come to full 4 gigs.