Preventing Sport Injuries
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Jay Dicharry, director of the SPEED Performance Clinic, discusses how to prevent sports injuries and improve performance.


Jay Dicharry: Hello! I am Jay Dicharry, a Physical Therapist and Director of the Speed Clinic at the Center for Endurance Sport here at University of Virginia Health System. Today we are going to talk about overuse injuries and performance and economy, things that affect us all as athletes. Few words about myself, I spent some time down getting a Bachelor of Science at University of Southern Mississippi. I have got a Master in Physical Therapy, from Louisiana State University, and also I am a Certified Strength Conditioning Specialist with the National Strength Conditioning Association, and I am a certified coach to USA Cycling, and also at the USA Track and Fields. Host: Are certain sports activities more prone to generate injuries than others? Jay Dicharry: The Center for Disease Control has shown that Snowboarding actually counts for more number of our center visits, than any other sport this past year. But I think the key thing to remember is, whatever your sport, that you prepare for that sport. You take into consideration the demands of training; take into consideration to learn your body, and the instruction technique to make sure you are ready for the demands of that particular sport.