Preventing Child Abductions - NCMEC Studies Part 1
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Do perpetrators typically use a vehicle in attempted abductions?


Host: Do perpetrators typically use a vehicle in attempted abductions? Nancy McBride: What we learn in the attempted abduction study is that nearly 70% of the perpetrators did use a vehicle. So they are trying to get kids in the cars, trucks, whatever they are driving and that's why it's so important that you as a parent or guardian really discussed with your kids, how important it is to stay away from people in vehicles who are trying to ask them to go somewhere or do something or simply trying to engage them in conversation. We don't want kids approaching vehicles because once they get closer, it's easier for the perpetrator to get them into the vehicle and once they are in the vehicle everything changes. What we really want kids to understand is under no circumstances should they ever get into a vehicle with anybody they don't have permission to go in that vehicle with, meaning their parent or guardian has had to grant them the permission, say that it's okay to go, so don't fall for; hi, I am your mom's friend and she came and told me to pick you up or hi, I know your dad and he asked me to pick you up and bring you over to him because he couldn't get you himself or hi, I have lost my puppy can you help me find my puppy. All of these are questions that perpetrators may asked kids to engage them so that they will get closer to the vehicle. So again, kids don't need to be polite, they don't need to respond, all they need to remember is to get away from that situation as quickly as they possibly can, and tell a trusted adult what happened.