Preventing Child Abductions - How to Protect your Infant
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How can parents keep their infant from being abducted?


Host: How can parents keep their infant from being abducted? Nancy McBride: Parents and guardians are concerned about infant abduction. This is a very small segment of the abductions that we experienced in this country but there is certainly things parents and guardians can do to help make sure their infant is not abducted. First and foremost, when you are in the hospital, make sure you know who has accessed to your kids, make sure you know who they are by identification and where they are taking that baby. If there are a test being performed, asked questions, see where that child is going to go and make sure that person is a legitimate member of the hospital staff. And in many hospitals, they put censors on the kids so if anybody tries to take them out of the hospital, an alarm will go off. But like any tool, the censors are not full proof so it's really up to the parent or guardian to be vigilant, to be aware, to be alert. If the mother wants to go to sleep which she certainly will, it's a good idea to have another family member in the room if the child is in the room with her. And again, that person needs to be asking questions if somebody comes and wants to take the baby somewhere. Now when you get the child home, think very carefully about putting decorations around your home or putting a birth announcement in the newspaper, that's a way for somebody who is looking to abduct an infant to find out where you live and the fact that you have a new baby. So use real caution in that regard. Also be cautious about sending pictures of your child over the Internet because as we know, once something is put online, you can't really take it back. So be sure that you are very careful that you are sending only the people you know very well, and that you are protecting how you distribute those photographs and be cautious about people who may come to your house, don't let anybody in you don't know well and make sure you know why they are coming. If somebody shows up with a story, you don't know who they are, you are not real clear about what they are doing there. Don't let them into your home. It's much better to be safe and sorry, and a lot of times the abductor is going to looking for a way to befriend the mother or befriend another family member, thus getting close to the baby. So be very cautious.