Preschool VS. Daycare
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What is the difference between preschool and daycare? In this video, parenting educator Dr. Rene Hackney discusses the benefits of attending preschool and guidelines for families who opt not to attend.


Host: What is the difference between preschool and daycare? Rene Hackney: Daycare tends not to be as academically oriented or as active throughout their day. There are many good daycares available, but your search for a daycare would be more on your own. There isn't an accreditation system such as the NAEYC for daycares. So, it would really be a much more active process, really going to visit and see how they run those programs. Preschool tends to be more rigorous, there tends to be more of a schedule in the structure for the children at least in the morning programs, if they are there full day. Often times, you will see a preschool, if it is a full day preschool, their preschool program is more in the morning and then they have more of the care and play situation in the afternoons.