Pregnant Teen Suing Parents Wins Right to Give Birth
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The parents of a Texas teenager have agreed not to force her to have an abortion.


(Image source: WGHP )   BY ELIZABETH HAGEDORN   The parents of a pregnant Texas teen say they won’t force their daughter to have an abortion -- this after they were slapped with a lawsuit alleging they did just that. Attorneys for the 16 year-old-girl, who is 10 weeks pregnant, filed a lawsuit against the girl’s parents -- claiming they verbally and physically threatened her to end the pregnancy.  [Video: KHOU ] The eight-page long lawsuit alleged the girl’s mother threatened to slip her daughter an abortion pill and took her phone and car to punish her for not having an abortion. The girl’s father, according to the suit, said he was was going to look into canceling the teen’s health insurance. [Video: KTRK ] Evan Madison, the 16-year-old father of the baby, spoke with CNN’s Piers Morgan. “Her parents and her family were going to have a definitely negative reaction, but never intended on this happening. We were always determined to have the baby.” [Video: CNN ] Lawyers representing the teen from the Texas Center for Defense of Life, an anti-abortion organization, cite Roe v. Wade. saying the landmark Supreme Court case which legalized abortion also grants women the right not to have one. [Video: KPRC ] Abortion-rights activists, as well, consider the girl’s win a victory for their cause, saying the case highlights the right of every woman to choose, regardless of whether she wants to have an abortion. The director of the Austin-based NARAL Pro Choice Texas told The Los Angeles Times, “It’s a victory for women’s reproductive health. It confirms that women should have the ability to determine what happens to their bodies and what happens with a pregnancy, no matter what the choice is.” As part of the agreement, the parents will allow the girl--  who is old enough for legal marriage in Texas with parental consent -- to marry her boyfriend. The parents have also agreed to return the her car, pay the teen’s cell phone bill and health insurance.  [Video: ABC News] For their part, the parents called the case baseless and denied the allegations listed in the lawsuit .