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In this video, Jenna and Jason Surratt gives their advice to other expectant parents.


Jenna Surrat: The parenting class was definitely something that just has really helped me to come to terms with the fact that I’m going to be a mom and raising another little life, and that was probably the best thing that we’ve done throughout the pregnancy. And we have so – take a little baby moon which is awesome while doing that with Jason and just spending time with him. Female: A baby moon? Jenna Surrat: Yeah, like a honeymoon but—before you have the baby. Jason: I think—and I’m repeating some of what she said but the parenting classes and the birthing classes have been great, and again, we did that through our church which has been a great support system for us. But I know there’s a lot stuff that you can take to the hospital or other organizations. But that, I think has given us confidence and the birthing process and then the parenting process. And the baby moon was definitely a good thing—and then yeah just, lifting her up and encouraging her, and there’s a lot of back rubs, and you know, things cause in that you know—Trying to take through me personally, being a guy trying to be a part of that process and it’s not just her, you know, her body is changing. She’s carrying the baby but trying to take on a role of being very supportive and you know. I’m thankful that as a guy, I don’t have to get through that, and I’m grateful that she does and I know that’s a different thing for a woman and different experience but— That definitely is a part of it, and I think even early on, the full – here she was pregnant—we were actually—I think we were going to her parents’ house in Greensboro one weekend, we’re driving on the road and all of a sudden—we don’t know she was pregnant, she just started like balling. She was driving and I was in the passengers and she’s balling and it was like over nothing. I’m like—we’re like in there like a rat—she’s balling like she’s sobbing and I’m like—Jenna pull over, pull over. And so we pull over, we have to slip sits and say at that point, we were like—I was like, something’s going on here cause there’s definitely some more major mood swings. And then even now, in the middle I have – but I think towards the end now, there has been a couple times when I’m just like, alright, you know, just understand that it’s part of the deal and the hormones, and so, we just kind of to try to get some space and— Jenna Surrat: Here’s where the most part have been pretty great about everything. I’m a very sensitive and emotional person as it is so— Jason: And I’m not. Jenna Surrat: Yeah, and he’s just not at all but, he’s been awesome about really being there supporting and a lot of times so—say you know what, your hormones are out of control like you need to just chill out and sometimes that’s a little bit hard to accept but he tells me like it is—and I don’t know. He’s pretty good about helping me get trough things and saying the right things to make me feel better if I’m just having a really bad morning. And can buy anything to wear and feel fat and ugly and—he’s great about choosing his words wisely and lifting me back up.