Powell Boys' Funeral Draws Massive Crowds
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The funeral for the murdered five and seven-year-old boys drew thousands. The boys were allegedly killed by their father with a hatchet.


Thousands of people attended the funeral for Charlie and Braden Powell -- the seven and five-year-old boys who were killed by their father Josh Powell in a gruesome Washington State murder-suicide. “A little more than 2,000 people attended this service as well as people who just came to be near the church. This has really struck a chord in this community. (FLASH) They’ve gotten to know the Powell boys in the last few weeks.” The boys had been part of an ongoing custody battle before they were killed. Powell was the only suspect in the murder of his wife two years ago. But -- According to Fox News, the pastor of the church where the service was held focused not on the boys’ deaths -- but on celebrating their shortened lives. “The little boys’ grandfather, the father of Susan Powell, speaking briefly at this service.” “We wanted to express our sincere gratitude for your support prayers and love. “It helps us to know there are good people in the world.” As details of their horrific deaths have emerged, so have details of their lives and their personalities. Teachers remembered the two children fondly. The Associated Press reports. “Charlie was remembered as a boy fascinated with science and insects, often trying to sneak worms or caterpillars into the classroom. He was about to get glasses and loved to write, dreaming up plans to market his books. … His younger brother, Braden, preferred cars and trains, teachers remembered, and last Halloween got to dress up as a Transformer. Braden, teachers said, loved to be tickled.” The Associated Press reports the boys were buried together in the same casket.