Potty Train Your Puppy
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How to potty train a puppy, the essentials in 4 minutes.


Potty Train Your Puppy Young puppies are so adorable, and it's a good thing, because you are in for quite a lot of work, training them. This video will give you some essential tips for potty training a puppy. If your puppy is as young as these little ones, its body isn't yet mature enough to hold its wastes for long. How early a dog can be totally trained will vary from one breed to another and from one puppy to another within that breed. There are two times when you always need to take a puppy outside to go potty. One time is right after he wakes up. The very instant that you notice the puppy waking up, pick it up or call it to come with you to its toilet area. In most cases this will be in your yard. If you're living in an apartment especially if you have a miniature breed, there are ways to train your pup to use a litter box. The second time you will always need to take your puppy out is after it finishes eating. Within about 15 or 20 minutes after meal chances are your puppy will want to go potty. This puppy will be ready to go out pretty soon. Besides, after waking up and after eating, your puppy may need to go out if he has played vigorously for quite a while indoors, or if it's just been a while since the last pit stop. You will soon get a sense of how often your dog needs to go out. Once you are outside with your puppy, be sure you go to the area where you want the production to occur. Don't stay on the steps of the deck, like this little guy is doing. This puppy seems to have a good yard arrangement, but you would also want to take him to the potty area and after waking up or eating, so he gets the idea to go on the lawn rather than on the stonework patio. Of course, there will be mistakes, be very matter of fact about them. Don't yell at your puppy because it won't do any good, and then he may learn not to go potty when you are around. But if you catch him in the act you can say, no, rather firmly, and either pick him up or scutch him outside. There are plenty of good products for cleaning up after that puppy, get one of the ones which has ensign action. Take your puppy outside, just before you go to bed, and have your slippers, bathrobe and flashlight ready for a middle of the night outing if needed. You may need at least two, if you don't have a secure yard. Of course, if it isn't safe to go outside in the middle of the night where you live, or if the weather is way too cold or wet, figure out something else, like newspapers down in the utility room or a crate. Crate training your puppy is a great thing to do for many reasons, and one is that the puppy will try to hold it rather than soil his space. See my website for more on crate training. After sometime you will reach the point where your puppy is mostly reliable, even around nice carpets, and after that he'll be totally reliable. And eventually, this will all be a dim memory and you'll have a potty trained dog, able to go anywhere with you. By the way, if you happen to have an adult dog with potty training problems there is plenty you can give. For lots more information on potty training and other dog training challenges, do come visit my website, Training-Dogs.com. Best wishes with your puppy! This is Rosana Hart, saying bye for now.