Postpartum Depression Symptoms
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Postpartum Depression typically affects women within the first 4 weeks after a delivery. Loss of appetite, crying, and general sadness are all signs to look for with postpartum depression.


Postpartum Depression Ginger Ballentine: Postpartum depression is common in patients, who delivered a baby. Usually it happens within about four weeks after delivery. Symptoms of Postpartum Depression If they are manic, if they can't seem to settle down, they are real. People who have obsessive compulsive disorder, it can actually get worse after they have a baby and if they are having some depressive symptoms, because they are trying to get some control over their environment. They might not sleep or they will sleep too much. They may not get up and move around too much or they may just not be able to settle down. They might be sad, crying a lot, decreased interest in family, may be not spending as much time with the baby as you would think, they normally would, and their appetite may change. Treatment Options Some people can use medications and the best person to talk to about that is your health care provider. And there are all kinds of other therapies. You can talk to your friends. I think most people find out that, there is a lot more people, who went through some postpartum blues or some postpartum depression, once they start talking to family and friends. And then they find out that it is a little, a lot more normal than people give it credit for. Insurance Coverage for Postpartum Disease It is covered under some insurance, but part of the problem is you must find in a professional that would treat it and knows about it and does a good job treating it. Sometimes physicians will just give you medications can't expect you to get over it, on your own. You met a mental health professional and you do need to look at your insurance, because not all insurance covers that. Advice for new moms Get up, move round, and make sure you have plenty of rest. Medication like I said does work, but there is a plenty of other things that you can do, nap. Let the babies nap in, take a nap and go to sleep. Get outside, get some sunshine, eat well balanced diet, and take your friends up and their offers to help. If they say watch the baby, so you can run to the store, let them watch the baby. So you can run to the store. People offer food, take it. Just take care of yourself, that's the most important thing. And also share with your spouse or partner, what's going on and what you are feeling. It's nothing to be ashamed of.