Police: Girl May Die If Not Returned to Hospital
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A young girl with leukemia and a heart catheter could die in a matter of days if she is not brought back to an Arizona hospital after her parents inexplicably took her out of the facility last week, authorities said Monday. (Dec. 3)


DURATION: 1:08 -----------------------------------------SHOTLIST:ABC15.COM - COURTESY - Embargo ArizonaPhoenix - Nov. 281. Various surveillance video shots from inside Phoenix Children's Hospital 2. SOUNDBITE: Steve Martos/Phoenix Police Department (Transcript Below)3. Various surveillance video shots from inside and outside Phoenix Children's HospitalVOICE-OVER SCRIPT:SURVEILLANCE VIDEO FROM PHOENIX CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL SHOWS A WOMAN WALKING DOWN THE HALL -- PUSHING AN "I-V" STAND -- WITH HER 11 YEAR-OLD DAUGHTER ON HER RIGHT.THE GIRL'S LIFE COULD BE IN DANGER-- AUTHORITIES SAY -- DUE TO THE POSSIBILITY OF A DEADLY INFECTION.AND THEY ARE TRYING TO FIND THE FAMILY, PERHAPS IN MEXICO.AUTHORITIES ARE CALLING THE GIRL "EMILY" AND SAY SHE WAS A CHEMOTHERAPY PATIENT AT THE HOSPITAL. INFECTION FORCED DOCTORS TO AMPUTATE HER RIGHT ARM AND INSERT A HEART CATHETER.AUTHORITIES SAY THE CHILD'S TREAMENT WAS ALMOST FINISHED, BUT THEN HER MOTHER REMOVED HER "I-V" AND SLIPPED HER OUT OF THE HOSPITAL.SOUNDBITE: STEVE MARTOS / PHOENIX POLICE DEPARTMENTpeople are certainly free to come and go as they please....people if they don't want attention, they can leave. In this case, we have an eleven year old girl who can't decide for herself. Her parents are removing her from the hospital and putting her in danger by not providing that last bit of medical attention that she needs.THE GIRL STILL HAS THE HEART CATHETER, AND THAT'S WHY THE HOSPITAL IS SO WORRIED.BEFORE THE MOTHER AND DAUGHTER LEAVE THE HOSPITAL, THEY'RE JOINED BY A LITTLE BOY.THEY ALL WALK OUT THE DOOR AND CLIMB INTO A WAITING S-U-V -- THEN DRIVE AWAY.SIGOUT - Carlotta Bradley/Associated Press