Polanski's 'Ghost Writer'
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Roman Polanski is back behind the camera for the political thriller 'Ghost Writer' starring Pierce Brosnan, Ewan McGregor and Kim Cattrall


Polanski's 'Ghost Writer' Male: Roman Polanski has managed to put the controversy aside and is back with a vengeance writing, directing and producing the political thriller “The Ghost Rider”. The famed or infamous director knows what he likes. With a meticulous eye for detail. And view finder in hand. Polanski’s pension for perfection is the films driving force. Ewan McGregor plays a Ghost Rider hired to complete the British prime minister’s memoirs that he becomes entangled in an investigation into the recently retired politicians past. Pierce Brosnan plays the notorious prime minister. Kim Cattrall adapts a British accent as his assistant. The film may sure to have plenty of—and anticipation Kim Cattrall I think Roman is a wonderful director because he leads the suspense. Male: But what else would you expect from Polanski? Ewan McGregor: He’s one of the few great, great film makers alive, you know.